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sheeny adj : reflecting light; "glistening bodies of swimmers"; "the horse's glossy coat"; "lustrous auburn hair"; "saw the moon like a shiny dime on a deep blue velvet carpet"; "shining white enamel" [syn: glistening, glossy, lustrous, shiny, shining] n : offensive terms for a Jew [syn: kike, hymie]

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  • /'ʃi:ni/

Etymology 1

Origin unknown.


  1. In the context of "slang|offensive": A Jew.
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses:
      Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging and quartering of the queen’s leech Lopez, his jew’s heart being plucked forth while the sheeny was yet alive
    • 1946, Mezz Mezzrow & Bernard Wolfe, Really the Blues, Payback Press 1999, p. 6:
      One time in Humboldt Park Leo "Bow" Gisensohn, our leader, didn't like the way a cop down by the lake called him "sheeny."

Etymology 2

From sheen + -y.


  1. having a sheen; glossy
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